Friday, May 19, 2017

Cover Draft

Amazon's Createspace is clever, but extremely bossy and strict. Took five hours (!!) to get that axe on the draft cover. But I think it's sort of overall pretty damned cool.

PS - Yeah, the back cover blurb is not so good. Already have a new draft ready to post when Amazon frees it up again: no reason to mention the Bronze Age nor Mycenae - 

"In the sleet-blown winter of 1107 BC, an untouchable outlaw returns to Greece. His only desire is to bury the bodies of his brothers, whom he murdered forty years before, whether or not that act will win him redemption. But the only survivor of the slaughter, two compelling kings, two women who understand men far too well, and the Great Serpent of Delphi have other plans."

Sadly - but not really - my inestimable editor doesn't like the blurb and is now on his way to two weeks in Andalusia, so I'll have to wait for his (probably far better) suggestions.

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