Saturday, May 20, 2017

And the Funny Part is ....

The first part that I wrote of this saga, in a hot burst that I have never regretted, or even had to edit much, was an anecdote about a hunter who kills a family of wild dogs that prey on his goats, but saves a puppy or two that he raises and trains to protect his goats and hunt wild dogs. The conclusion is:

"A tool is what it is. The moment it’s created, it’s what it was meant to be. But you’re not innocent of the deeds you perform just because Fate chose them. It chooses you, chooses the deeds, chooses the guilt, and that’s it. There’s a reason we kill the sons when we kill the fathers."

And what is this whole story about, if not that?

I knew this years ago. Now it's time to make it work

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