Monday, March 23, 2015

The Post-Bath Society

When just flipping innocently through channels, how can we be certain, with only a moment's glance, that whatever is on is supposed to be some sort of historical or pseudo-historical (as in GOT) drama?

 Because nobody on screen looks as if he ever, in his entire lifetime, combed his hair, let alone washed his hands, changed his clothes, or trimmed his face.

Do whatever you want, but please do it downwind

  There were bathtubs in the Bronze Age. In any respectable Mycenaean palace there were scores of ladies working as bath fillers, water warmers, laundry maids, seamstresses, lice scrubbers, and barbers. Clearly something even more important than the safety pin (fibula) was mislaid between millennia. Or else the costume and makeup departments have been allowed (encouraged?) to enjoy themselves far too much.

Dirty fingernails? Not a chance.

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