Thursday, March 3, 2016

Back to Ajax

There is a short forced hiatus going on while The Editor deals with another project and so, knowing how obnoxious and urgent I can get when stymied, I turn back to The Big Guy.

Happily, the draft is not as dispirited and random as I remember it to be. I can work with it.

And with Helen, whose theft - even though she's only a woman - precipitated all this.

Wondering now, was it theft or was it flight? She was a wife, and so woven into a complex fabric of obligations  that she could hardly have run or walked away from it. So what really happened? No longer why did she end up in Troy, but how?

Love? Fear? Passion? Stupidity? Impulse? Fury? Lust? Accident? Force? Mistake? Ignorance? Intrigue?

We'll see.

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