Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Agents and Edits

My agent told another client (not me directly, of course) that she can't sell 'Peryton' because it's 'too smart.' It appears that I have been fired without actually being told so.

What does that even mean, anyway? It requires the reader to remember things from one page to the next? It poses questions and doesn't answer them immediately? It uses the occasional four-syllable word? The characters are not dreamy, sulky, moody, weepy teenagers? A dear, rightfully successful friend wrote that "...because you're transcending sub genres and writing for all adults with just half a brain didn't stop the book from being such a page turner that I literally still dream scenes from it."

At the same time I found a smart, attentive reader whom I can trust to read 'Warrior' and note every spot she finds a hiccup, or has a question that should be answered right there. Three steps forward, only two steps back?

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